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Girl Dad Braiding & Styling Course

Girl Dad Braiding & Styling Course is a creative space designed for men interested in and/or struggling with combing their daughter’s beautiful hair.  This course includes all the essentials you need for stress-free styling


It will be held April 1, 2023, from 10a.m.-3p.m.  at 5201 W. 65th Street, Little Rock, AR 72209.  The cost of course is $325 which covers your styling kit.  The styling kit contains a variety of quality products and tools needed to maintain and grow healthy hair.  During this course, dads will learn hair care tips, styling techniques, and product knowledge.

“Cancer affects the whole family.  When mom is sick, having a rough day, away for treatment, or has succumb to this awful disease dad is responsible for making sure the children are taken care of.  This training is inspired by the struggles that dads often face when left to deal with their daughter’s hair.  The purpose of this course is to help dads overcome the fear of combing their daughter’s hair and to help build confidence and trust in the father daughter dyad regarding hairstyling,” says Jamie Washington owner of Hello Beautiful Wellness Spa.  “Additionally, the family dynamic is changing.  You have parents with bi-racial children and individuals adopting children that need support with hair care management.”

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